Big Chill's Lineup:

Gracie LaneLead Vocals, Percussion and Acoustic Guitar
A professional singer for most of her life, Gracie delivers with a fire and passion that has to be experienced.

Keith Allen Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica
With a resume that includes such noted Delaware Valley bands as Construction and Strange As Angels, Keith is a seasoned performer who knows how to get a room rockin’.

Jim Letts Keyboards and Vocals
He's mild mannered but plays some mean keyboards, with or without his hat on. Never underestimate the power of 'Jimbolicious'!

Michael Mancuso Lead Guitar
From the chunky driving rhythm of Keith Richards to the searing leads of Santana, Michael’s musical virtuosity makes Big Chill soar!

Tommy Ott Drums and Vocals
Also known as the “Big Toe”, Tommy lays down a beat that’s guaranteed to get a crowd on their feet. His past bands include The Grease Band and The B-sides.

Tim Varvel Sax, Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Name:  Tom “TD” Ott (TD Stands for Tom Drum)
Position In Band:  Drummer And Band Secretary.
Name Of First Band You Were In: Eternal Extinction
Favorite Musicians/Songwriters: Beatles, Yes, Steely Dan, Eagles, The “Boss”, Harry Chapin, Carol King, James Taylor
Sign: Virgo
Favorite Color: Forest Green
Favorite Movie: Forest Gump
Favorite Drink:  Drambui on the Rocks
Favorite Food:  Black Forest Cake
Likes: Good wine, a nice fire, cheese and crackers with Deb beside me
Pet Peeves: Being late, rude people and not having any ketchup in the house.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Antique/Classic cars, woodworking, kayaking, camping,
A Few Thoughts:  Always look at the glass as being half-full   
Favorite Quote:  “You’re my child,  I brought you into this world and I can take you out” – Bill  Cosby from “The Cosby Show”
P.S. “I LOVE YOU” From The  “BEATLES 65’ Album.

Name:  Keith Allen (Egyud) 
Position In Band:  Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals 
Name Of First Band You Were In:  Blue Construction
Favorite Musicians/Songwriters: Lennon & Mccartney, Becker & Fagen, Springsteen 
Sign: Aries 
Favorite Color: Blue 
Favorite Movie: Raising Arizona 
Favorite Drink:  Wine 
Favorite Food: Sea 
Likes: Spending time with Beth & Madison
Pet Peeves:  Self-righteous, self-absorbed people with an overblown sense of entitlement. (You know who you are) and low water pressure.
Hobbies/Pastimes:  Working out, recording and going to the movies 
A Few Thoughts:  Never thought I’d be playing in a band this good again.
Favorite Quote: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Name:  Michael Mancuso
Position In Band:  Guitarist
Name of First Band You Were In: The Day Before. We later regrouped as The Morning After (seriously).
Favorite Musicians/Songwriters: Jimi, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Return to Forever, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon
Sign: Aquarius (and I'm still waiting for the dawn, by the way)
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movie: Love And Death (Woody Allen)
Favorite Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate
Likes: Dreamin'
Pet Peeves:  A movie ending that has characters in the movie applauding
Hobbies/Pastimes:  Stopping the flow of time (Photography)
A Few Thoughts:  That's all I have
Favorite Quote(S):  "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." - Einstein
"We are here to do what we are here to do." - Oracle, from The Matrix
"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." - Maya Angelou

Name:  Gracie Lane
Position In Band:  Vocals, Percussion & a wee bit of acoustic guitar
Name Of First Band You Were In: Can’t remember.  It was a blues/R&B band in NYC. Next there was The Porch Rockers
Favorite Musicians/Songwriters: Lindsey Buckingham, Jack White, Jeff Buckley, Aretha, Bonnie Raitt, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Roseanne Cash, Lucinda Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Sting, Pretenders, Prince, Todd Rundgren
SIGN: Yield
Favorite Color: Black and Periwinkle
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride, Young Frankenstine, Chocolat, Being John Malcovich, Anything by Monty Python, All of Me, Bringing Up Baby, Arsenic and Old Lace, Vertigo, Lots of Hitchcock, The Fisher King, Stage Door, Lots of Kate Hepburn
Favorite Drink:  Do I have to pick just one? Tanqueray/Tonic, a nice dry red wine or a TART margarita (no salt, please)
Favorite Food: Filet Mignon or Pizza (no anchovies), Anything with Chocolate & Peanuts/Peanut Butter
Likes: Enjoying a nice, leisurely dinner with good friends, laughing and drinking anything listed 2 questions ago.
Pet Peeves:  Mean people and that peanut butter and banana on a cinnamon raisin bagel has sooooo many calories
Hobbies/Pastimes: Photography, antiquing & music
A Few Thoughts:  The glass is always half full. Just don't knock it over.
Favorite Quote:  If I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. - Grace Slick (probably not verbatim, but you get the idea)

Name: Jim Letts (AKA Jimbolicious)
Position In Band: Keyboards, Vocals & Just Plain Good Looks

Name: Tim Varvel (AKA The New Guy)
Position In Band: Sax, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Photos: Bill Hock Photography except Tim Varvel