Do you remember waiting for the release of that awesome new album by your favorite rock band?

Way back before "iTUNES," "iPODS," and "iHAVE NO IDEA WHY I'M LISTENING TO JUSTIN BIEBER!" Remember when your biggest concerns were your music, your hair, and whether or not your car would start?

Big Chill takes you back to those times. From the soaring harmonies of Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee," to the driving rock of Heart's "Barracuda," to the funky pop groove of the Jackson Five's "I Want You Back," Big Chill will help you remember a cooler time. A time when your hair was longer, life was simpler, and rock and roll mattered just a little bit more.

This talented 6-piece group delivers rock n’ roll the way you remember it – full of the energy, excitement and passion.

With a versatile line-up that features male & female lead vocals, 4-part vocal harmony, guitars, harmonica, limitless keyboard sounds, bass, sax and electronic drums, they easily recreate the sounds of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s right through to today’s contemporary artists.

Big Chill uses the latest professional sound equipment and has the experience to deliver the appropriate volume for any size venue, creating the perfect experience for your establishment or event.

Hey, growing up is OK, but when you need that fix, hang out with Big Chill.

BIG CHILL Forget who you ARE. Remember who you WERE.

Big Chill

Photos: Bill Hock Photography